Explore Our Marketing Shift Video Series

Episode 01

In this first episode of Summerhill Creative’s new video marketing series, The Marketing Shift, Jeff Lovett talks about why it is critical for small business owners to understand how the needs of their customers have changed because of the COVID-19 crisis and then change their marketing message to meet those needs.

Episode 02

In Episode 2 of our Marketing Shift video series, Jeff Lovett talks about how one of the most important things a small business owner can do right now is communicate with customers – and keep communicating.

Episode 03

In this third installment of the Marketing Shift video series, Jeff Lovett gives small business owners valuable tips about how to make sure you are more easily discovered online. Topics discussed include the importance of a website, SEO, Google Adwords, and Local SEO.

Webinar: Marketing During a Crisis

Missed our live webinar? No worries! Join Jeff Lovett as he gives you tips to market your business during a national pandemic.

Webinar: The 5 Step Plan For Successful Social Media

Chat with Jeff Lovett as he guides you through the 5 steps to build a successful social media presence.